The Eco Tourism Resort for Nature Lovers in Mae Hong Son, Thailand

About Us

Our Concept

To understand and learn more about Fern Resort we would like to tell you the principal facts and the concept upon which the resort is based.
  • The Fern Resort is a project built with support of funds from the government. A special fund has been established to support the development of rural areas. It is based on the idea of eco-tourism in order to preserve the nature and the environment for both tourists and the local people. It is an example project that helps the environment and the public.

  • We would like our resort to be the forest home for the naturalist who is looking for a peaceful place. You will not find telephone or TV in your room, but instead you can enjoy the sounds of nature. panerai submersible replica

  • Around the Fern Resort you can see selectively planted trees, which are deliberately chosen to be the food source for birds and other animals. Thus you have a year-round window to view the rich fauna and flora of Northern Thailand.

  • Fern Resort has been developed more and more over the years. By now we are very proud to offer you very comfortable, spacious bungalows on wide, well-maintained grounds.

  • Fern Resort has a policy of employing only local people, most of them are Karen from nearby villages. With their warm and naturally friendly natures they make your stay here even more unforgettable.

    The way you will be served and the way we take care of each of our guests �� truly a unique experience!

Honoring this concept, Fern Resort was awarded THE AWARD OF EXCELLENCE as BEST RESORT by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in the year 2000.

Their statement:
"It has a unique style of operation that emphasizes the presentation of folk wisdom in an attempt to encourage awareness among the local people and visitors for them to treasure natural resources."

What is Eco-Tourism?

What is Eco-Tourism?

It is a form of responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. Efforts are made to minimize the impact of tourism, building more environmental awareness among the travelers and providing financial benefits for conservation and empowerment of local people.

What is Community-Based Tourism?

Community-Based Tourism (CBT) is a form of Eco-Tourism, which stresses the involvement of the local people in tourism. It also supports the even distribution of income (like the rotational homestay system in hilltribe villages) from tourism as a second source of income.
At Fern Resort all employees come from the surrounding villages, enabling them a full-time employment with a regular income.

What you can expect from Fern Resort

  • A special place for nature lovers and people who like to relax and regenerate their spirit
  • Comfortable accommodation in the middle of nature
  • We follow our policy - local staff will welcome and serve you
  • Co-operation only with agencies supporting CBT
  • We buy ingredients and goods at the local market
  • Promotion of local businesses
What we expect from you as our visitor
  • High appreciation of nature
  • To respect local traditions and customs
  • To follow our environmental values and guidelines
  • Keeping our concept in mind you should understand that our staff has learned to serve you by doing
  • Acknowledge our trekking advice for our nature trails

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